Sep 022012

If you’re a plumber, you know the Ridgid brand and you know that Ridgid means quality. Although, there are a few brands to choose from when it comes to drain cleaning equipment, my personal favorite is and always has been Ridgid.

The Ridgid K400 drum machine is an ideal machine for 1 1/2″ and 2″ drains.  The 75 foot cable capacity makes this a great choice for branch drains (kitches, laundry, bathtub and vanity drains).

The Ridgid K400 has a powerful motor (with thermal protection in case it overheats), wheels and an extending handle for easy portability, a GFCI cord for protection from electrocution while working in wet conditions, an air foot switch for further protection from shock and an enclosed drum to keep from making a mess.

Ridgid cables some of the best cables available for drain cleaning (second only to General brand cables).  The integral wound cable can provide loads of torque for powering through tough clogs but remains flexible enough to get through tight bend in older cast iron and galvanized piping.  Ridgid also has a very good system for locking their cutters to the cable so the cutter never comes loose and gets lost in a drain.  Ridgid’s variety of cutters and augers make it a very versatile tool from clogs caused by grease, hair, or objects that have been lodged in the drain.

The Ridgid K400 will make literally pay for itself in 5-6 jobs and can last a lifetime if you know how to properly use and care for your machine.  Please, don’t buy no name or discount brand drain cleaning equipment!!!!  You’ll regret it almost instantly.   Buy a professional drain cleaning machine like the Ridgid K400!